When you purchase your credential(s) you are not required to enter a name for each credential during checkout. Instead, you must enter the email address of each person you are purchasing badges for. This will initiate the transfer process, and they will receive an email that a badge is awaiting their acceptance.


The "name on ticket" field under order history is shown as the receipt of your purchase and will always show the buyer's name, even when you complete the transfer process. 


Names will not be printed out on the physical badge, but you must complete the transfer process to have your name registered in the system with your credential. Use your legal name, if you recently had a name change and have not yet received your new ID, please submit your inquiry to registration@anime-expo.org and we will update your order.

When you transfer the credential to someone, that credential is “assigned” to their name and ShowClix account. The recipient must accept your transfer to complete the process. This is important as the name on the badge must match their government-issued photo ID for entry into the convention. The "name on ticket" shown under the order history remains the same as the buyer's name, as it is the receipt of your registration. To check if you have assigned the badges you purchase for someone else successfully, have the recipient(s) log in to the ShowClix accounts and click "Manage my Anime Expo 2024 Profile".

For instructions on how to transfer a badge to someone after the purchase is completed, read this article: How do I transfer the badge? For help accepting a badge transfer, read: How do I accept a transfer?.


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