You CANNOT transfer a scanned badge to another attendee.

It is a violation of the Registration Policy and your account will be restricted from participating in the future event organized by SPJA. 


  • If you purchased the badge for yourself, you don't need to transfer the badge.
  • If you already entered the recipient's email during checkout, the transfer has been initiated and the recipient must ACCEPT the badge to complete the process.


You need to log into your ShowClix account to transfer (assign) badges you purchased for another person.  Here are the steps:

  1. Click on the "Manage Anime Expo 2024 Profile" button.
    Note: If you are transferring badges for general admission, the event name will be Anime Expo 2024 – General Registration

  1. You will see all the badges you have purchased listed.  To transfer a badge, click on the "Transfer Items" button.
  1. You will need to enter the email address of the person you wish to transfer the badge to, then check the box next to the badge you will be transferring.  To complete the transfer, click on the "Transfer" button.

Note: Child badges CANNOT be transferred due to our privacy policies and stay assigned to the Buyer.  If you need to transfer a Child badge to another adult who will be attending Anime Expo with that child, then you will need to send an email to to process this request. 

  1. An email notification will be sent automatically to each person you transferred a badge to once you hit TRANSFER. For each transfer you processed, you will see it displayed under "My Transfers". You may click EDIT to modify before the badge is accepted by the recipient.

  1. IMPORTANT! Make sure the recipient ACCEPT the badge, otherwise the transfer is not completed!
    Once the person accepts the transferred badge, this message will change to show:
    and you will no longer see those tickets in your account.

NOTE:  Please be aware that, even if you transfer badges to someone else, you are listed as the BUYER and all badges will still be shipped to the delivery address you noted during checkout for each order placed. If you selected "same as billing address," then they will be mailed to you and you are responsible for distributing them.


To complete the process, the recipient must ACCEPT the transfer. For instructions read: How do I accept a transfer?.


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