Artist Alley helper badges must be transferred to your designated helpers on Showclix, and the helpers’ information must match your Artist Alley form submission.


Transfer your helper badge on ShowClix

You need to log into your ShowClix account to transfer (assign) badges you purchased for your helper(s). Please follow the instructions:

  1. Click on "Manage Anime Expo 2024 Profile" button.
  2. You will see all the badges you have purchased listed. To transfer a badge, click on the "Transfer Items" button.
  3. You will need to enter the email address of your buyer and check the box next to the badge you will be transferring. To complete the transfer, click on the "Transfer" button.
  4. For each transfer you processed, you will now see the following below the My Profile screen:
    And an email notification will be sent to each person you transferred a badge to.
  5. Important! Your helper must accept the transferred helper badge. Once the transferred badge is accepted, this message will change to show:



NOTE:  Please be aware that, even if you transfer badges to someone else, you are listed as the BUYER and all badges will still be shipped to the delivery address you noted during checkout for each order placed. You are responsible for distributing the badges you received to your helper.


Questions regarding transferring? Send an email to us at


Submit the helper information on the Artist Alley Form

Ensure your Artist Alley Form has the correct helper information. The information can be updated after your initial submission without affecting your table registration. The deadline to update the Artist Alley Form with the California Seller’s Permit & Table Participants Information is May 15, 2024

Questions regarding the Artist Alley form submission? Send your inquiry to