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  • All signage and displays must be less than 7’ 6” inches from the floor:
  • You must have at least an 2 sq. ft. opening in your table display. This is to ensure you are visible to Artist Alley Staff and attendees, as well as keeping your items visible to you (the artist).
  • Tables at the end of aisles may NOT use stands to display art that spill into the walkway or aisles for attendees and artists.
  • Stands and displays cannot extend beyond the confines of your table. Tripods and displays must not extend beyond the bounds of your table(s), meaning you cannot display items behind your table. Table stands will need to be a fixed to your table and must not impeded on your neighboring artist’s space.
  • Use of table clamps to secure signage is permitted under the discretion of Artist Alley Volunteers.

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