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Badge Activation - barcode invalid but….it’s not?

Hi all! Curious if anyone else is having this issue. I just got my badge a few days ago and tried activating it yesterday. I bought the badge - it’s in my name etc, so all of that is in alignment. I followed the instructions on the site by using the 8 alphanumeric code on the right side of the badge. I’ve probably tried it 20 times between yesterday and just now and keep getting the same error “The barcode is invalid. Please check your entry and try again.” -_- (I even switched between caps for letters etc to see if that was an issue). Did this eventually work for anyone? Is there any place where I could contact anime expo directly by any chance? Thanks!

I actually found this form to contact them about the badge: Hopefully, they provide a solution and I’ll post it here as well!

Having the exact same issue.  Hope they address this!

Having the exact same problem!  Hope they fix this!

Well, I tried it again and it just worked! Didn’t do anything differently as the other times. I’ll also update here when I hear back from AX to see if something else is going on. @Teresa - perhaps try it again? I hope it works like it randomly did for me!

Thanks for the heads up @Jessica but Still not activating!

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