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Require Proof of Vaccination

It is shocking and appalling that you would change the COVID policy so close to the event. It is supremely reckless and irresponsible to put the lives of your attendees and their families and communities at risk like this. Negative test results are the absolute bare minimum to start to ensure a baseline of safety. I understand that checking documentation like this is difficult, but we are each paying over $120 to attend the event at least. You can afford the staff to check vaccine cards and distribute wristbands. REVERT THIS POLICY NOW. TODAY. It is EMBARASSING that you let this happen.

Agreed!! Revert back now!!!!

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agreed! This needs to be reverted this is going to be a super spreader event now! If they're allowed to change this policy at this point in time, we should be able to get refunds of our tickets and hotel bookings.

Another co-sign. This is very unfortunate. The safety protocols that were in place were what made me feel comfortable going to an event like this. Sad.
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