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Require Vaccination and Test Status for AX

I am writing to you to inspire you to help require Anime Expo to reinstate the Covid-19 vaccination or 24 hour test requirements in order to attend AX.

This is going to become a super spreader event with the sudden changes allowed today by Anime Expo's team. If this isn't reversed, people are going to die. People will develop life long chronic problems. From attendees to professionals in the industry.

Your organization and Anime Expo's team will be responsible for lives changed and lost. 

There was already a risk before, for one of the LARGEST anime events to exist, and now that threat has grown exponentially.

It's already bad enough that there is no cap on attendees, that there are no temperature checks at the doors, or caps for people allowed into halls. But it is also even more terrible that the ventilation is so poor at this convention center, something that should be changed or addressed considering the pandemic. It was so poor that people were fainting, collapsing, and calling paramedics. 

People will be packed shoulder to shoulder at one of the largest conventions in North America. I am convinced that the teams managing Anime Expo will NOT ENFORCE masks to be worn properly. 

Your team and organization needs to do something NOW. Take action NOW. 

Protect those that can't afford to back out.

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I agree! This is a terrible decision for Anime Expo to have done. This would be a super spreader event. Let's not make it 100 times worse by not requiring proof of vaccination and/or negative testing. Or if you're going to do this, at least allow people to get refunds for their tickets and hotel bookings. This is so irresponsible.

Agreed, AX is actually going to kill people this year. 

I am writing to say that if you don't want to come due to a fear of covid, you shouldn't be coming. The vaccinations have been proven to not stop the spread, & that those who got the vaccinations have a higher chance of contracting covid again. So getting a vaccination won't stop the spread or stop anyone from getting sick. If you are fearful then maybe you shouldn't be out in the public.
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