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Rollover'd badge - but previous was not refunded?

Hi AX,

2 years ago I opted to rollover my 2020 premier badge (badge paid for and NOT refunded since rollover). This year I plan on attending AX 2022 and just received my code, but apparently I still need to pay for the badge price?

Will my previous paid for badge count for this new badge? Or will the 2020 badge be refunded?


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I have the same problem too. I even paid for it again cause I thought that it would change at the end of the sale

All orders that originally opted to roll over from Anime Expo 2020 to 2021 were refunded in December 2020 when SPJA announced they are changing registration service providers.  You can read the post here.  If you didn't receive your refund, then you will need to contact Eventbrite Support.

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