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Email with no access code?

Hey there, I just got an email today about priority registration and it says I have an access code to use. But in the part where my access code is supposed to be, it's just blank. So in the email it says "Access Code: " and then nothing. It just tells me to register, but I don't have an access code. I tried opening the email in different ways just in case there was some weird HTML formatting going on, but no. Just no code. Anyone else having this issue?

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I’m having the same exact issue…
Same problem, no code.

same issue here

I ran into this as well.


Okay so I guess I'm the only one having the issue but it seems like no one has gotten an answer as of yet. Deadline before badges go on sale to the public is very close and we could really need customer support to please help with this serious issue. Please contact us with the same issue in this topic via email and maybe try sending us an actual code for us to buy our badges. If no reply by then priority means nothing to us. Otherwise best bet is stay on our computers waiting till the badges go on sale to the general public. If that has to the case then that's very much unfortunate for the rest of us. Again to whoever from the organization may read this, us uwu

Same problem and ive emailed them several times already. The deadline ends tomorrow

Same, I've opened up a ticket but haven't gotten a response...

Why is NO ONE answering this question  --  open registration has already begun !!

I still haven’t gotten a code
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