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Did I Roll Over?

Hello, I got a badges for 2019 and need to know if that badge is rolling over to 2021. I cannot remember if I had to confirm something for it to be rolled over from 2019 to 2020. Is there a way I can check it or if someone from AX can check for me? Thank you.

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I am curious about this as well I  remmeber rolling over for the next year when I bought my ticket but on 2020 they gave me a refund because you discontinued services with evenbrite and wasn't really given a choice to roll over even when I did accepted the roll over option so do I still qualify to get early access to get by badge again on January 10th early??

My girlfriend and I rollfed over and was waiting for the code for todays ticket sales, but neither of us have received it yet. It is only a couple of hours till it starts. Can we get our code please?

I am wondering if i ever got the refund, i received the email about it but, i never got the money back
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