1. Once someone has initiated a credential transfer to you, Showclix will send you the following email:
  2. Click on the View Transfer link to get started. If you do not have a ShowClix account, it will prompt you to create one.
  3. If you already have a Showclix MyTickets account, you will see the following banner green banner. Click on “Go to your Anime Expo 2023 profile” link.
  4. Below the My Transfer section of your profile, you will see your pending transfers. Click on “Review to Accept”.
  5. Review that the pending transfer is the correct credential and select “Accept”.
  6. After successful transfer completion you will see the My Transfers section update to “accepted” and you will now see the credential under “My Profile”. You will also receive a confirmation email from ShowClix.
  7. Since the credential is now under your name, you can pick it up onsite at the Registration Booth by presenting a valid, government-issued photo ID and the order confirmation code.

NOTE:  Please be aware that, even if you accept a transferred credential from someone else and the badge is registered under your name, the Buyer will still be listed and will maintain ownership of all the credentials in their order. The Buyer can pickup all badges in their order onsite at the Registration Booth. Transfer recipients can only pickup the badge registered in their name.