BEFORE Activatingif someone else is the original buyer of the badge, they must first transfer the badge to you within ShowClix and second, you must then accept the transfer! More info hereHow do I transfer my badge to another person?.

Are you a Professional badge holder (Exhibitor, Artist Alley, Press, Industry)? Professional badges follow a different process, CLICK HERE to see your specific activation instructions.

To participate in Anime Expo, and unlock all the fun perks, you must activate your badge! Follow these easy steps to get started!  

Each person must activate their OWN badge*except for ALL Child badges (ages 6 to 13) which MUST be activated with the adult who will accompany them during the show.

Step 1. Once you receive your badge scan the QR code or click HERE.

Step 2. Read the waiver and agree to the terms.

Step 3. Enter your information to register the badge to your name.

Step 4. You will then be prompted to add a child to your activation. Click “No, thanks. I'm done!”  if you do not need to add a child. For the security of the child, each child badge must be activated with the adult who will accompany them during the duration of the show. In cases of emergency, this will allow an SPJA/Anime Expo representative to contact parents/guardians as needed.

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Continue clicking “Add A Child” for each child badge. Once you're finished select “No thanks. I'm done!”

Step 5. Answer the Survey

Answering the survey questions will help the Anime Expo team plan provide the content and experiences that best interests you something something as we grow our even.

Step 6. Grab your badge, you'll need the last eight alphanumeric characters (activation code) from the backside! Shown here in the red box:
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Step 6. Enter the activation code into the matching badge box. Click Continue.

  • If you bought multiple one day badges for yourself enter all those codes here.
  • If you're activating a Child badge make sure to enter their activation code into the 4 Day Child box.

Step 7. Confirm that the Name matches the badge activated. Click Continue.

Step 8. Done! You will receive a confirmation email.

You are now ready to explore Anime Expo! Click HERE to start your adventure – see you there!